Attractive, repugnant women

The #metoo put down

At last a credible put down by a knowledgeable female writer of #metoo.

A woman who understands lust, sexuality, desire and consent. Something the prissy #metoo girls are apparently devoid of. Yes “apparently” because I refuse to read their nonsense but keep seeing coverage of it.


Like Keating I will never go to the fraud that is Gallipoli. And I will never read anything from #metoo.


I reckon they are the girls, I won’t call them women, who almost right across the world, avert their eyes, when this bloke and many other males, come into their peripheral vision.

They are usually the young, fashionable, skillfully made up, well employed & dreadfully arrogant females who hit you with an ice wall when you enter a cafe, bar or nightclub. They are repugnant.


If only they had the wit to realise I want nothing to do with them.

I’m more than tired of bearing the burden of my male gender. I have and always will treat women with respect. Too many males don’t and I condemn them. Those girls need to discriminate between predatory and respectful male behaviour. They need to acknowledge and understand their role in the gender & desire tango. And they need to read some classics on all of this as I do.

Femme it up
A key reason I femme it up, when I want to, is to divert the object of desire from these young, so well made-up, factory clichès of the fashion industry, to a male.
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You won’t believe how powerful it is. Globally, men, women, couples, families, older people, security, the police, the military, priests, tarot card readers and so on are looking and talking about me!
I’ve been travelling for 20 months and I prefer to see that as a social observation rather than a narcissistic expression.
I’m sui generis.
gibbo lippy
Good looking, fashion conscious women are run of the mill. Global fashion has made attractive women rather like street furniture on the High Street.
street f
It’s political girls, but most of you young ones are too naive to have any idea what that means. You have been check-mated and you don’t even know it. There’s no need for #metoo because who cares. I don’t. Well there’s no need in regard to us males who respect women. That doesn’t mean we don’t pull you into line when you overreach.
the boy g

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