If that’s my fate, I accept it

You are a joke.

I don’t use “cheat”

I have tried to have an open relationship where I tell you I am a male femme (you will know us as she males). The more feminine are femme males.

Despite my undoubted allure, apart from my “preganant” gut, punters no longer compete to enjoy “the pleasures” with moi.

Wonderful femme male & male femme erotica

I then spent just over 29 years with Kathryn with very little sex. In the last 16 years we had no sex.

I masturbated, stimulated by erotica. I still do. That’s how I enjoy my orgasms. In 2015-16, I had the deepest, longest most satisfying orgasms of my life. Aided by stimulants you don’t approve of.

Y women or she males), femme males, women and gay men I have sex with.

I cannot get sex easily like I could when I was younger.

Since sometime in the mid 1980s, I have cum only twice with another human.

Around 2012, with two asshole Chinese girls who managed to get me to cum so they got their money and got out of the pitiful Sydney room we were in.

That was bad sex.

Better sex was with a Tokyo female virtuoso who knew how to ejaculate me.

She wouldn’t let me see her out because:
1. I didn’t want her to repeat masturbate me while she rode me like she was fucking me.

Paid penetration is illegal in Japan.

Instead I watched erotica as I felt that would be more arousing.

2. Middle class Japanese girls don’t want to be seen doing paid sex, many of them do. This is common globally. I know, I’ve paid for sex globally.

I was going to pay for sex with you, Andressa Patricia  Conception of Belem, Rio de Janerio, Brazil.. You couldn’t join your buddy Roberta. Your facist police made me pay. No sex & I paid Roberta and that asshole, fake S&M bitch.

You have insurmountable pimps. Brazil is a strongly Christian nation, increasingly Evangelical.

So was Germany and Hitler got elected. Many of his Nazi comrades escaped justice following the second war by being allowed into Brazil.

Andressa, you live in that country and you display a particularly unacceptable trait of your peoples’ enslavers.

Your will to power makes you a dreadful dominatrix. Your satisfaction comes from controlling others, not seeking to enjoy time with them.

You don’t want to have sex with me. You want to dominate male femmes like me.

I’ve told you, you will never do that.

You want to fuck classic Brazilian hyper males. Fine do that. You are a classic hyper female. You are so Dominant you are almost male.

As I have also told you, you need to stop being so naracissic, continually taking photos if yourself.




I won’t let you dominate me. I’m not your type.

You won’t have sex with me, your not my type.

In the fast few days, I have realised I’ve had more than enough, 48 years, of heterosexual sex.

I desire sex with a femme male or a male femme with a cock, an arse and beautiful breasts. I want and I am going to be the same.

I have broken your spell on me. I am free of you Andressa.

Those girls, I suggested are my new girlfriends, and you took my bait. They are not. They are woefully inadequate.

Continue your very active sex life, of course you enjoy it.

I’m not jealous. Rather than block me from sites you share with your sexual partners, restore my access. We can then enjoy an open and honest friendship, rather than a phony ‘relationship’ corrupted by your secrecy.

I’m sending this to my Afro Australian friend Luther. I paid her for sex from 2011 to around 2013.

Luther tries to be dominant like you. I stopped sex with her because it stood in the way of our friendship, as the possibility has with you.

I never had an orgasm with Luther. I paid her a lot of money.

This morning she has the hide to lecture me on relationships, being the dictatorial zealous Christian she is.

She instructed me to pay some harlot, $500 to $600 a week to be my ‘fuck’. Luther calls that friendship.

I have done and will only do, subject to income, equal relationships sexually, domestically & power balances.

I am unlikely to find this. I long for an emotionally, intellectually and erotically stimulating relationship. Drawn by your marketing of your sexual and exotic allure, I deceived myself you would cure my longing.

You don’t and you never can Andressa. Just as my three de facto partners never did. I spent 35 years with them.

Never again.

I will live outside a relationship until I die before I do that.

I will write, love my music, amaze all and sundry by my amazing talents and deep compassion. What you have erronously and malicious called me being out of it and out in space, out of control

I then go home alone, as I did after I stole the dance floor and the crowd during my 2015 performance at Sydney’s Columbia Bar.

I am Santo Domingo de Guzman 2, a Saint without a lover.

That seems to be my fate. If if is, I accept it.


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