End your failed usurpation of power over me!

You, Con.., have to end this malicious fabrication of intimacy!

You could “side with me” by enjoying sex with me and anyone of those most alluring Afro Brazillian exponents of your sublime erotic arts.
You sent me those videos Andressa.

A few days ago you said “you wanted a threesome with one of the women in those videos, AND me!”.

Sending those videos is the most sexual gift you have offered me in 2 years.

Until you went cold on me, sometime during our spring last year, when you felt you had won me.

Thus revealing your dark, sexual soul as exploitative of males you believe you can win, control then cruelly slow drip out.

You never break it off. You force your prey to do that.

That’s so they eternally feel they destroyed their intimacy with the femme male they felt they had and wanted.

That’s your orgasim! To deploy your deeply powerful, physical sexual charm, to lure your victim.

So you can treat him so badly, he has to leave you.

He doesn’t want to. You have trapped him in your faux erotic treasure of a beyond expectations, physical intimacy.

You don’t want that with him. As “I have repeated excessively” (proving the dark exponent of the dark, destructive arts, does not want sex with these scum, such as me!

She just wants to knife them in the balls and make them scream in fathomless, emotional pain of sexual relations denied, spirit crushed, their intimate life, forlorn and defeated.

Like Hitler you enjoy that. You long ago moved beyond sexual enjoyment with the likes of me. Your gratification is to destroy us.

If you do, “whacky do, you have hit your fascist, destuctive jackpot.”

You have not destroyed me. You never will, you cruel fucker!

So bitch, you end this facade. You end what you maliciously created with evil intent.

You won’t because you prefer to see me suffer.

Except if de Guzman pushed you hard enough, long enough.

If this wise, deeply experienced exponent of the heart, mind and body pushes you hard enough, for long enough you, shithead, will crack.

You will crack like the deviously dangerous criminal you are.

You must block me on all your Whatsapp sites.

You did it on our main 2 year site here on WA

Now you have done it on the main site we have recently been using. Whether those two are the same sites, I am not sure

Doing this, you reveal yourself to be the imbecile you are. How could such a pathetic creature treat me, a far more compassionate, honest, intelligent and educated then you ever will be.

Carrying as I do, my deeper treasure of the erotic, then your banal practice of physical and manipulative physical sex.

From my two years of lopsided conversation with you, there has been scant evidence of intimacy. Of true meaningful sensuality.

Just endless photos of your very large tits, African arse and thighs, too much hair and you ‘repitive pouting” mouth.

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