My unanswered conditions which look to have sent her away!!

Now I ask you to commit, as I commit to:

1. Spending lovely time and living with me, your lover in your city of Rio.

2. You will be staying at my hotel overlooking Copabacana

3. I will accept your invitations to spend time with you inside and outside your home in Belém, with your family, friends and neighbors.

4. Roberta, you and I love erotically

5. I will be in Rio for two to three weeks. On this trip, our intimate pleasures will include your sexual companions, your wonderful Mexican being our priority.

6. After Rio, I will fly to the northeast of Brazil, north and south, to my  very enjoyable Recife. By shared xpenses, we would like some of your older children and a younger one to join us. We will hire a vehicle large enough to accommodate us.

6. We will discuss the many other issues related to this proposal.

6. Including the my return trip plan to visit Venuzala, Columbia, returning to SSantiago for Sydney.
8. You will respond to my proposal, unlike many others, to which your very rude self has failed to respond.

from Guzman

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