Anthony Albanse, our Democratic Opposition Leader. Our Democratic Socialist Leader. I am profoundly a Democratic Socialist. Despite her terrible mistreatment of my sexuality! My desire! My humanity, I remain in love with Andressa Patricia Conception of Belem, Rio de Janerio Babe, u know Dominique de Guzman, is hopelessly in love with you. I have absolutely no control over that. B be b You know I am an extraordinary human rights lawyer. You will know one day I am an extraordinary lover. I not only want to be your lover! I am your lover. You have no choice. Accept me! Tell me you want to be my lover. Give be a sincere, honest kiss. Make my existence beyond eternity. It’s wonderful we have only been in physical presence for 3 hours. Our profound love was germinated by your wonderful friend, Roberta! I want Roberta to be the mother of our eternal love, respect and life together.

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