Beethoven, Germany & Garrincha

wp-15814796601815039102932340743771.jpgWorld Cup 2016

Photo from Rosa
An Andressa Brilliant Bargain

“Beethoven Piano Concertos 1-5”, with the great Composer’s Triple and Violin Concertos.

Ahead of Lil Wayne, David Bowie, Piaf and many more who I love, possibly u luv some of them too, Lil’ Wayne I expect, our Louisana Rapper.

Ahead of these talents by a crochet, bassoon & Tchaikovsky’a Russian Orchestra, is the Master Germanic (I am, as your Portuguese Brazilians and your language is Germanic, not German the language of modern Germany, whose brilliant Football Team beat Brazil in the 2016 World Cup, Lord the Redeemer Above, as he is Rio, the Germans trounced your hapless team in WC 16.

Garrincha, your brilliant Afro Brazilian Football Master, related to Jack Gibson, my Roosters Coach in Victories 74-75 + the Eels in 81-82, 86.

I, Dominic de Gibson stands above the Rio de Eel as he writes and where, sadly, Andressa Patricia Praty, thou never visit, thy good home of your holy Saint Dominic, namely me!

Brazilians are still in trauma and crying years of revenge, as are you every time you see, hear or, rarely think of me, de Guzman to you, Brazil, Germany and the Wide Wonderful World!)

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