If we agree, if we must!

With respect, this is how u should have handled your blocking of me on your Messenger site.

And your recent deletion or blocking of me in our original two year Whatsapp page.

In both cases without giving me advance notice and most heinously without my consent.

Good heavens in Rio and Sydney, as I have raised and received no reply, thus was my material in sensitivity, thought and length than yours.

What was it about?

Mostly me,

Please reply to this, having reconsidered
deciding to restore me, your former intimate.
I thought I was
You clearly thought different wíthout ever telling me. Indeed you blocked me in Messenger.

Here on Whatsapp, you replaced our sensitive, at times joyous, other moods  dark!
You replaced this 2 year dialogue with 4 extremely short sites,  yours not mine that merely go back 2-3 months.

Sincerely Andressa Patricia, you have casterate my work, and aborted yours with your dialigue partner’s, Dominic Patrick’s knowledge or consent.

You castrated, this male’s penis without  ever seeing it, let alone ever enjoying it for our mutual erotic pleasure.

Think how you would feel if your doctor had have aborted you and one your children at birth without you & your partner’s knowledge and consent.

That’s very similar to how I feel with what you have done to my genuinely intimate communications to you.

You have almost divorced us without you intending too. With me having no knowlede and never asked to give his consent.

If you still have any feelings for us, for me, you would have thought about so seriously damaging our relationship and so deeply hurting me!

Despite all this remnants of my deep affection and attraction to you remain.

I know you feel far less for me. Far, far less than you did when u instigate contact between us grew with you watering our garden,  to affection !somewhat short intimacy, strictly online and 17,000kms apart at tbat!

Whatever onging connection we are to, by agreement have, must be designed and given life by you, I, Us!
with deep, very strong affection, along with serious concern for us.
You will understand, as do I, if either of, or both of us must go free, then preferably we should go free with love to maintain mutual, less frequent, friendly contact should we both want