The social media ‘look at me’s just don’t get it!

A few days on Instagram I was asked this question by a young woman whose profile page is adorned with photos of herself.

True to the heart and soul of my site here I responded:

“I’m 66 and I know the complexity of that question and the answer. The answer is simple, in the human coldness, of our modern world, where marriages in Australia last under 8 years, where de facto couples would not be doing much better, maybe worse, where gender relations are in deep trouble.

Yes men assault women in terrible ways.

And women, particularly attractive, well dressed, well paid younger women look at you with ‘eyes colder than your icy beer’

After the 2015, Sydney Marfi Gra night I was harassed by young men all the way from Oxford St to Glebe cos I was dressed & made up too femme. For them!

Around 3am on New Years Day 2016, I was violently bashed by a young Georgian thug for looking too femme. Admittedly and stupidly, I taunted him with denunciations of Joseph Stalin who was Georgian( between Russia & Turkey) and became President of the USSR, which has since collapsed and reduced to Russia.

Stalin led his brave, underequipped armed forces to turn back the superior German forces of Hitler.

I think that was the first turning point if that 2nd War. Dunkirk was the second.

Back to Intimacy.

I’ve lived and breathed it all my adult life.

I don’t believe I have been met anywhere near halfway by the 3 de facto partners I’ve had, totalling over 35 years That’s the main concern.

With casual sex, just this side or a long way, this side of intimacy, it is harder to tell. The connection is too short to get anywhere near each others soul.

At the same time, I would like to do Glory Hole sex, where you don’t even see the other person.

Here’s my wrap on Intimacy, and it’s up to date

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