My career, my ethics informing my intimate relationships

I like the way you mapped that out in detail Tina Gabriel’s.

During my career, I had to always fight to get important detail, while maintaining our plain language dictum which was central to our disadvantaged client understanding rights drawn from interlocking Federald & State laws.

I worked for 33 years as a human rights lawyer & social justice policy analyst.

That was across the community and public sectors.

We produced a lot of publications for our clients older residents of nursing homes & retirement Village. Plus social housing tenants.

As a lawyer, I worked on the successful Arrernte peoples Indigenous Land and Water claim over their traditional land & waters in Centrsl Australian arid red soil county in and around Alice Springs.

As a Principal Policy Officer in the State Housing agency, the largest globally, I developed a drew the complex Aboriginal & other social entitlements for Odle to build an easy to use calculator to identify the social housing rent this Aboriginal families had to pay taking into account their Federal entitlements.

Amongst numerous other responsibilities, I managed a state wide system in co-ordination

with the Sex Crimes Unit of NSW (my state)

Police & NSW Prisons.

The aim was to keep convicted sex offenders (pedofiles) houses away from young people under 16.

I took 9 weeks leave from this position on August to travel East Asia. I did Tokyo for 13 weeks  flying to Istanbul.

The late winter snows found me in Helsinki Finland. It was there in February 2016 I resigned my position by email and continued my second global trip that took me from Europe to the Caribbean, yes the Dominican Republic  where else for this second Saint Dominic.

I had to go to Comminist Cuba and danced with Cuban women to the music of the last surviving member of the world famous Buena Vista Social Club.

Via two other nations in that region  I found my way to Brazil, where at the end of my Brazilian sojourn I was introduced to Andressa Patricia Con├žeption, who pursued me online. She terminated our 2 year online connection about 10 days ago. Initially, I was very angry at how she ambushed me around 4am my time to cut me loose.

It didn’t take me long to feel liberated and ley go, at least for now, ideas of getting even.

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